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When you are familiar with the traditional French manicure, modernize your look by matching it to a white.With easy step-by-step nail art tutorials, your next new nail art project awaits.

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Even though there are many French tipping kits on the market today, many of their adhesive strips can cause dust, fuzz and other debris to get sucked into your white polish, ruining all your handiwork.Move the nail tip from nail front and press it for 10 seconds till the tip is stick to nail.It goes perfectly well with almost every outfit and it is the perfect choice for your.This is the most versatile and most popular nail designs among the fair sex.

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The base color is coated in beige and tipped with midnight blue polish, lined with a pure white color.Transform your traditional manicure to one that is bold and expressive with inspiration from our nail art gallery.

Since the jacket itself is very elegant, it is not necessary to glue on it a lot of stones.They look ultra-chic for their simple yet fantastic and elegant style.A thin French manicure paired with bananas on a geometric background sounds like our idea of a perfect mani.It was inspired by something a client brought her from Pinterest.Pair the colors as is or swap them out for an added personal touch.

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There are many ways that you can get this look with gel nails.Our team are experienced professionals working over 10 years in the business. nail art french manicure - 4 Stars & Up

French nails look very elegant and feminine during working hours as well as fun party times.French nails are a classic and one of the best types of manicures to have elegant, sophisticated and beautiful hands.Once you cut off the excess, finish with a top coat to seal it off.You can choose neutral shades which is a more classic approach or you can choose bright colors.It is usually perceived as a bubbly girly colour but when done in a clean pattern it.

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The Diagonal French manicure is another take on a classic nail design.A French tip manicure is a recognizable style of manicure in which white nail polish is applied on the tip of the nails and the rest of the nails are given a soft pink, light beige color.The simple elegance of clean the lines gives us a fresh appreciation of pink.We are friendly, gentle, and always ready to listen about your favourite styles (fence nails art, simple, or natural) to provide the right service.Using a nail glitter pen, draw a stripe along your French manicure tip to dress it up and cover up any uneven lines. Stripe Rite makes good, inexpensive nail glitter pens.

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A wintry Sideways French Manicure nail art tutorial featuring the China Glaze Twinkle Holiday 2014 collection.

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Opt for pretty pastel flowers for a romantic look or go bright for a bolder style.For a classic look that is both chic and polished, nothing beats a French manicure.